Should Young People be 'SLEducated'?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

SLEducation - Social and Life Skills Education

For teenagers and adolescents, academics are ultimately seen as the

most important foundation for success, i.e. receiving a place at a good university, being offered a scholarship or getting that dream internship or career. However, do academics alone create a holistic and successful individual?

As well as academics, we believe that SLEducation is crucial for young people to be educated on how they can adopt more positive behaviours, gain independence and raise their social awareness in order to be a safe, well-rounded and flourishing individual.

Fortunately, the UK's Department for Education has finally realised the importance of PSHE/RSE and most of the subject content is compulsory in schools. However, not all schools value the importance of these subjects and have a "squeeze it in where they can" approach, not to mention, it is certainly concerning that some countries choose not to acknowledge these subjects at all. In the current climate, it is hard to believe we can ignore this type of education, especially when social media is becoming prominent and mental health, more dominant. It is a time when young people crave more independence and want their own identity but struggle to cope or find balance with life and education. The outcome can be detrimental.

SLEducation should not be used as a reactive response to issues that arise within the student community. Explicitly implementing SLEducation classes on a regular basis is a proactive way to keep students in your care, as safe and as mindful as possible.

We believe that providing SLEducation is the key for safe and long lasting personal development that plays a vital role in progressing to a safer and more positive community. Lastly, if taught effectively, SLEducation can play a significant role in students achieving their academic potential.

What do YOU think about SLEducation? Does it have a place in your classroom?

We would love to hear your comments!

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