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This resource is aligned with components from the PSHE Association Programme of Study (Jan 2020).


Topic: Family is an important part of our lives, but it is important that children understand and respect that there are different types of family structures (nuclear, blended, same-sex families, single parents, fostering and adopted families) and that our family should give us stability, support and make us feel loved.


Product Description: These downloadable discussion cards are a great way to get your learners thinking about family relationships and different family structures. The discussion prompts give learners the opportunity to share their knowledge, opinions and as a way to listen to other peoples perspectives about family relationships. The cards are flexible to use in homeroom, as a starter activity or to compliment other SLEducation Families and Friendships - What Makes a Family? resources.


Contents: This pack includes 24 discussion cards.

Discussion Cards | Writing Prompts | What Makes a Family? - KS2 PSHE