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This resource is aligned with components from the PSHE Association Programme of Study.


Topic: Vaping is seen as a safer alternative to cigarettes, but did you know, that vaping/e-cigarettes have risks too? With young people feeling the pressure to ‘fit in’, it is important that we educate our young people to embrace their differences and feel confident in saying “NO” to anything they feel uncomfortable with.


This worksheet gives learners an insight into the effects of peer pressure, how to handle it, and awareness concerning vaping. The worksheet includes information pages, comprehension activities, and a colourful comic strip as well as a duplicate copy in which they must edit the captions to change the peer pressure scenario.


Additional Information: It is highly recommended that this PDF worksheet is downloaded with other SLEducation Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco - Vaping and the Risks and/or our Peer Influence, Substance Use and Gangs - Peer Pressure resources.

Peer Pressure and Vaping - Comic Strip and Comprehension Activity | PSHE | KS3/4